Trip Charge: $50.00 (Standard flat fee, generally one per invoice)

Labor Rate: $80.00/hr (rounded up to 1/2 hr, but anything under 10 min is free :)

Most repairs average about $90.00 +Parts, here is the breakdown:

Trip Charge: $50.00

Labor (fixed machine in 1/2 hr)

Parts (if any)

Seasonal tune up flat rates:


Seasonal tune up(running): $59.00

  • Blade sharpening

  • Replace spark plug

  • Replace air filter

  • Oil change



Lawn Tractors: 

Tune up(Running): $79.00

  • Blade sharpening

  • Replace spark plug(s)

  • Clean or replace air filter

  • Oil change

  • Oil filter replacement


Tune up: $59.00+ parts

  • Chain sharpening

  • Replace spark plug

  • Clean air filter

Chain Sharpening: $25.00

Leaf blowers/Trimmers:

Tune up: $49.00+ parts

  • Clean air filter

  • Replace Spark plug

Snow blowers:

Tune up(running): *Sale* $49.00

  • Change oil

  • Replace Spark Plug

  • Fill tires with air

Tire sealant: $25.00




Call with any questions



In the event of a warranty issue I will only be responsible for work done, this mean that if I made a mistake that resulted in an issue with your machine i will fix it for free. I will not be held responsible for any part I did not work on or damages from a malfunctioning machine. In the event of a warranty claim you will be expected to try simple steps to remedy the situation. If the situation is deemed too complex or complicated I will come fix the machine at the first available time slot.

If I suggest that a part be replaced I cannot warranty any issues that the part in question causes. No matter the reason I give for replacement. Iā€™m human, sometimes I overlook things that can be caused from a bad part ;)